14, November 2014: As a hands down favorite, critics and enthusiasts agree on the original IRP KTM 50 Triple Grip Clutch by Intuitive Race Products as best choice because it out performs all other KTM 50 clutches in its class.

IRP’s KTM 50 clutches are known world wide as a leader in high performance racing clutches for KTM 50cc class dirt bikes. According to the manufacturer, their Trip Grip Racing Clutch for the 2009-2015 KTM 50 minis helps kids ride faster with less effort and win more races.

Backed by solid engineering, the IRP triple plate clutch has lower inertia from a lighter and smaller, more compact design. This equates to quicker starts and faster acceleration. With an adjustable stall speed it helps young riders handle the most technical areas of any track with ease.

The IRP Triple Grip clutch features a patented 5 lever design combined with three high quality carbon fiber friction disks and 5 heavy duty clutch springs for anti-fade and long lasting dependability. As such it offers up to 50% more friction surface for more grip.

Although it is 25% lighter than a factory OEM KTM clutch it is stronger and heartier due to its precision CNC design construction of all billet alloy steel.

It’s easy to install, fits inside the stock case without spacers and is available with an optional eye catching custom orange billet cover that increases oil capacity for greater engine cooling and reliability.

Located in Vista California, Intuitive Race Products (IRP) is well known throughout the motorcycle racing industry in USA and in Europe as providers of high quality motorcycle racing parts.

Learn more about the IRP KTM 50 Triple Clutch at http://www.inturace.com/Triple-Grip-Clutch-KTM-50cc-3-Disc-2009-2014_p_631.html or call Intuitive Race Products at 760-598-2105. Visit http://www.inturace.com