Irrfan Khan to charge extra to flaunt his body!

With D-Day getting rave reviews, Irrfan Khan has been grabbing eyeballs across genres be it romance, comedy or action with positive and negative roles. But we are yet to see the actor in Macho roles which require him to go shirtless. So what’s curbing him from flaunting his body?

In an exclusive with zoOm, Irrfan Khan very candidly disclosed that he has a few demands when it comes to baring his torso for a script! When probed further, Irrfan mentioned that an actor should remain true to his character and flaunting six pack abs in a film about RAW Agents is unnecessary and foolish. He also said that he will only work on building his torso when he feels that the script demands it. What’s intriguing is that the star would charge extra for this job & would spare no director in claiming his price!

More so, his pricelist for baring his body will vary from director to director. Tigmanshi Dhulia is certainly going to benefit a lot from such a deal we feel given his affinity towards the star. To know more, tune into Planet Bollywood News every day at 7 pm on zoOm — India’s No. 1 Bollywood Channel.

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