Physical and mental fitness can be difficult to manage and compare however fitness professionals express that grip strength can be a good indication for your mental and physical fitness level.

Each individual will naturally excel in different areas of fitness. Some will be able to run faster than others, some will have good hand an eye coordination or even have incredible aim and control. However no matter the sport or profession an individual participates in one area is in high demand, grip strength.

Grip strength can easily be overlooked, however should never be underestimated. You use your hands every day across several extremes such as cooking a meal through to rock climbing. “I like to make sure each of my clients are able to hold a firm grip” explains personal trainer Daniel. In the gym especially being able to grip on to something such as a bar or kettlebell will often determine your abilities such as strength and endurance for larger compound movements.

Grip strength is made up of several small muscle groups which are difficult to isolate. “You body is designed to cheat when you exercise” explains Daniel. “This means that when a smaller muscle group is engaged muscles surrounding it will often help out naturally, making it difficult to isolate those smaller or weaker muscles.”

One of the most effective ways to isolate your forearm, wist and hand muscles to enhance grip strength is by using hand strengthening tools such as hand grippers. Hand grippers are a small item which fit into the palm of your hand. Using a squeezing motion you apply pressure to two handles to try and close within your hand.

“I encourage clients to use tools such as hand grippers to assist in improving their grip strength”. Hand grippers are a cheap and practical exercise tool which are available online. Recently released product Supreme Squeeze has been labelled as one of the Hottest New Releases. These hand grippers provide a solid resistance and a comfortable handle to help achieve optimal results.

So if you want to achieve your optimal level of fitness be sure to spend some time improving your grip strength which will assist you with coordination and larger compound movements.