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Pregnancy is a natural process in the human body, but there are several accounts that say women can “control” whether she likes to have a baby boy or girl. Website Conceive Easy discussed the relationship between the gender of the baby and the food that women eat.

“Vaginal pH is either acidic or alkaline. The wives’ tales say that if your vaginal pH is more acidic, you will be more likely to have a girl, and if your vaginal pH is more alkalinic, you will be more likely to have a boy,” website Conceive Easy stated in a report.

There are several tests that can be done to see pH levels. For instance, HealthyWiser offers a pH test strip kit that can test vaginal pH. The company also has ovulation test strips for pregnancy that can go with the pH strips in a single bundle.

These strips are regarded for their accuracy and reliability. They can provide quick yet accurate results for women during pregnancy.

“If you need to lower your PH to increase your chances of having a girl, you can do so by eating certain foods. Some of the foods known to lower pH include eating lots of calcium rich foods, and fruits like strawberries and raspberries,” the website added.

On the other hand, the website also reported that when women wants to have a baby boy, it involves adding more salt an sodium, and consuming more acidic food items.

How to test pregnancy with ovulation strips

HealthyWiser offers accurate and reliable ovulation test strips for pregnancy. This can make the pregnancy go as smoothly as possible, regardless of which gender the baby is. The ovulation test strips for pregnancy can test the hormones that are present during ovulation. These can provide detection for pregnancy.

Customers praise the accuracy of the products. The company noted that the process of ovulation can happen around 24 until 48 hours after a positive test. This is how accurate this HealthyWiser product is. Health organizations also noted that LH testing is an effective way to detect ovulation, more than the other pregnancy tests available around.

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