An article rewrite tool is an essential component of your tool chest if you are seriously interested in making money on the internet. In a perfect world you would perhaps prefer to manage to outsource all your content creation but many will be web marketers are not able to afford to do this. At least not initially. It is smart to make this your final aim or maybe you can find that you work for a longer time and harder hours tied to your personal computer than you ever did working for someone else.

Now how can an article rewrite tool help out? We all know that in order to rank for specific keywords your web site requires backlinks. Among the simplest type of back links to acquire are those from article directories. But it will take time to think up ideas for articles never mind the actual time it will take to write them. You can only use the exact same article a fixed number of times before you decrease the impact. One technique which could work is to submit the same article to all the different articles directories but to spin the resource box as well as the title.

Google isn't foolish and will see the same article getting circulated around the web. So although you may get backlinks you won't attain as many as you would if you had published original articles. With an article rewrite tool you can take the original article you had written and rewrite it very quickly. So long as you make it unique (about 30%) you can see Google views it as a new piece of writing and you are going to reap the benefits of a lot more back links. So until the day comes when you outsource all your content creation, you may want to seriously consider purchasing a reliable article rewrite tool and leverage your present work.

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