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London, UK, July 31 2012 For years, we have faced all types of projects and start-ups on platforms, websites and servers that have not achieved their promised potential, along with innumerate other barriers. One thing that is common to all flash in the pan start up platforms and that is how difficult it is to find professional people with sufficient technical knowledge in the field. It seems that with every new platform or ecommerce method, there is a lot of hype, and then a lot of people claiming they can manipulate it to make us rich. Then along comes Magento, followed by a crowd of Magento Developers claiming they are the bees knees in this new technology and the process seems to be happening all over again.

This difficulty varies according to environment, depending on the company and depending on the technologies that are needed. The PHP world is over 75% of environments chosen by most ecommerce start-ups. It is not surprising, as it is done through access to a Microsoft environment. Net or Java is radically different. So how is Magento coming along?

They have already said that they are going to add even more features to its already bulging eCommerce solution, which they have based on an open source platform. Their biggest move is the one to integrate HTML5 to their Magento Mobile, which has already been integrated in to their free Magento Community ver 1.7 and their business enterprise version which people have to pay for but has a lot more ecommerce features. They have also browser-enabled Opera Mobile, Android and iPhone themes that they say are highly customisable. They are also making supporting video, audio and pictures available for the new HTML version. This sort of thing will allow people to zoom in on items and drag and drop the things they want into their shopping carts. Magento have already integrated the internet giant eBay, so maybe they are here for the long haul. have done an in depth study of figures mined from the Google trends database and it shows that Magento is still rising in popularity. So whether Magento will be another flash in the pan that costs us all a lot of money, is still in the balance.

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