If you want to decorate your home in style, wall stickers happen to be an easy and efficient tool for this purpose. These stickers that are made using vinyl have a sticky surface on one side while the picture is made on the other surface. To transform the looks of the interiors of a room, all you have to do is to buy these decals and press them on the position of the wall, exactly where you want it to be. If you are looking out for decals for your living room, Islamic stickers happen to be the most popular choice because of its beauty and elegance. These stickers are examples of Islamic wall art that has a long and interesting tradition in the Islamic world.


Calligraphy is just one form of Islamic art

There are many different forms of Islamic art that is believed to have originated in Syria and later spread to all parts of the world that were ruled or inhabited by Muslims. It took the form of architecture, painting, ceramics and calligraphy. It is calligraphy that finds expression in Islamic stickers that are being used extensively by people on the walls of their living rooms. In fact, calligraphy is the first form of Islamic art that originated and developed in between the 7th and the 10th centuries. Islamic wall art related to this period consists of this kind of calligraphy that looks like beautiful designs made on walls.


These decals will enliven the interiors of your living room

If you find the plain walls in the living room of your home uninspiring, you can make use of the impressive Islamic stickers to make the interiors of your living room come alive. There are stickers available with Arabic alphabets and designs like the crescent moon etc. These are no ordinary scribbling as you will find out that these Islamic stickers are examples of fine Islamic wall art that has been created by artists and calligraphers.


These Islamic stickers come in all sizes and shapes, so you need not worry about the size of your wall to be able to decorate your room in style. In fact, you can find stickers starting with a few inches to some really large stickers depicting Islamic wall art to cover even large walls in the living room. If you do not understand Arabic, there is no problem. Just log on to the website of a company selling these wall decals and stickers and click on the section Islamic wall stickers. Here you will find an amazing range of stickers based upon Islamic art and traditions.


The wall stickers containing Islamic art are spiritually inspiring, while at the same time attractive to look at. You can impress all your guests and friends by applying these stickers depicting Islamic wall art on your walls. They are bound to ask you from where you got or bought these stickers for sure. These stickers also make the living room look very stylish and elegant. You can easily apply these decals on your own and they are also easy to remove when you so desire.


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