(Free Press Release) Israeli Combat Shooting is for people, military or law enforcement operators and initially I teach it as an introduction to the shooting methods employed by the Israeli Defense Forces. This course details the mindset that can be employed for dominance in a self-defense situation. Fast, instinctive point shooting is emphasized although students will shoot targets where they must utilize their gun sights to make accurate shots.

Austin, TX - September 10, 2010 -- Israeli Combat Shooting® is the method of gun deployment employed by the Israeli Defense forces and a variety of their units. It can't be classified as one system done one certain way. It is evolved and used differently for people who operate in different environments or have different considerations. Israeli Combat Shooting® is largely misunderstood by non-Israeli's. Two staples to the program are instinctive "point" shooting and mindset. These are concepts that don't change. The carry position of the gun is different. The shooter decides what is best for his environment- a bullet in the chamber or. un-chambered. Either way, this system is designed for deadly threats and overwhelming violence. It works in conflict and I deliver training to women, men (civilians), military and law enforcement world-wide. "I think there is a misconception that this type of gun deployment is just for military," says Instructor Robb Hamic.

He says, "I can take a women who has never shot a gun, teach her this method and have her delivering her gun like a professional in just five hours of training. The best thing is that Israeli Combat Shooting® http://www.israelicombatshooting.com shows them how to shoot fast, without relying on sights and they perform at a really high level right away." This is a fun and fast paced course that is a great addition to a basic understanding of firearms or if the shooter previously obtained concealed handgun license and didn‘t learn gun deployment under stress, this is a practical course. One unique feature of this course is that students will receive a CHL license-training certificate that entitles them to submit an application to Florida for a CHL license (Florida honors non-resident applications and is reciprocal in 39 states) regardless of where they receive the training. Robb Hamic is a concealed handgun licensing instructor who teaches nationally and his training is applicable to 39 US states. "This way people get a CHL license and the realistic training that they may need to save their lives. My course is not classroom oriented and I don't talk about the theory of conflict," says Hamic. Robb is a Desert Storm Veteran, former Deputy and Detective from on of the most violent cities in the US and he teaches people to actually use these tactics to defend themselves against real deadly threats. "I don't teach the theory of violence, I live it. My students learn through my experiences," says Hamic about his copyrighted use of force training.

Israeli Combat Shooting® is taught locally in Texas, nationally or internationally by Robb Hamic and his company Summit Self Defenseâ„¢ http://www.summitselfdefense.com. He teaches in several settings; privately, seminars, groups, corporate, security personnel, military units or police agencies. He also teaches instructor development for current instructors who want to enhance their skills and bring reality back to gun instruction. "My course has gained popularity through the years and I can say that my biggest clients are women, men and police agencies," he says. Robb Hamic trains in Israel under Krav Maga's Grand Master Haim Gidon and through other master firearms schools and teachers. His motto is: "I am my first student." He proves this statement with his dedication to his own training and spares no expense or time to soak up as much training as he can absorb. "I have spent over 400 hours training myself this year," says Hamic. His students obviously benefit from his experience and his reviews are awe inspiring. He has been credited with giving people the knowledge to defend themselves form deserts, city streets, homes and cars. He continually receives testimonials from his student all around the world on a monthly basis.

Contact Robb Hamic http://www.robbhamic.com to schedule a seminar or training at your location or his in Austin Texas; nationally or internationally. He is available by phone or e-mail.

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