(Free Press Release) Self-defense has changed a lot over the years and the dangers that people face have also changed. Some martial arts incorporate defenses to weapons such as clubs, knives and even guns. Other martial arts systems don‘t address these concerns.

Austin, TX, September 09, 2010 — Robb Hamic is a professional teacher and self defense instructor. He is the managing principal of Summit Self Defense, a company that provides high-level training in the United States and internationally to law enforcement, military and people. Robb has given instructor development courses in Israeli Combat Shooting® for sometime and recently decided to expand this offering to the martial arts community.

The martial arts community is diverse. It encompasses many different areas such as traditional, sport, fighting, mixed martial arts, reality based and self-defense. Most schools have traditional learning environments, classes and clubs where the training is held. Martial arts instructors teach people from kids to the elderly. Most people seek the martial arts for self-defense, fitness, higher learning, coordination or other valid reasons. Many cultures have martial arts and most systems were created with defending one‘s self in mind.

Self-defense has changed a lot over the years and the dangers that people face have also changed. Some martial arts incorporate defenses to weapons such as clubs, knives and even guns. Other martial arts systems don‘t address these concerns. Are people attacked with weapons? Yes. Are people ambushed by determined criminals or threatened with great odds? Yes. What are we as a society doing to combat these increasing threats?

Previously, gun training came from private individuals who had somewhat of a background in teaching the fundamentals of marksmanship, gun safety or concealed handgun license requirements. When I search the phone book or the Internet in my town I find that almost all of the gun trainers have no martial arts experience or current involvement. In fact, I see that most gun deployment training is taught in theory. I live in Austin Texas where the training requirement to get a concealed handgun license (CHL) is ten hours of training. There is a qualification requirement of shooting fifty rounds in the context of a non-threatening and controlled environment.

I called two gun trainers and asked about the course. I was told that it would be mainly classroom oriented, slideshow, and theory. State laws would be covered and then there would be a state qualification at the end of the course. Lunch is included and one hour is allotted, breaks occur approximately every hour. Class size is large and estimated at 20 people and the cost is low: $125 plus the cost of 50 rounds of ammunition. Make no mistake, these courses meet the state minimum but do they meet the minimum skill-set that a person will need to overcome a possible deadly threat on the street?

Robb Hamic, CLET, CPOI, is a professional self-defense teacher and he has developed a particular set of skills as an educator. Robb is a Israeli Combat Shooting® Instructor http://www.israelicombatshooting.com, Israeli Krav Maga Instructor and he trains in Israel under Krav Maga‘s Grand Master Haim Gidon of the Israeli Krav Maga Association. Robb is a certified law enforcement trainer(CLET) and a certified protection officer instructor. He teaches gun deployment and tactics for every weapon platform. He teaches every police weapon and use of force methodology. He is a tactical knife-fighting instructor. Hamic is a normal columnist for several training magazines and publications. Through all of his instructor development training Robb has found certain truths that he likes to teach people. “I don‘t care of you are a cop in an alley, a soldier in the desert or a housewife in an alley. If a bad guy want to kill you and is within reach- you are in combat. I teach people how to win violent situations,” says Hamic. He explains this as his reason for mixing normal people into the mix of hundreds of students that he trains yearly. “The truth is the truth. I travel world-wide to learn it and I take it back to my students,” he says. Robb receives a number of testimonials per month from his students and many attest to his training saving their lives.

Hamic says, “I decided that I have real-world knowledge that can benefit the martial arts community at large and decided to brand my unique shooting system for martial arts school owners, current firearms instructors, law enforcement or military trainers and others who want to reach their communities with valuable information that can save lives.” Israeli Combat Shooting® incorporates fast, instinctive and easy to learn movements into gun handling. This method of gun deployment is used to train people of all ages in Israel in a short amount of time. “I would like to take the credit for allowing people to shoot fast and deal with deadly threats in a very direct manner but I am just showing people what they already know at an instinctive level, “ says Hamic. It made sense to him to reach out the martial arts community because they come into contact with so many people already interested in self-defense. It doesn‘t matter to him that his potential instructors don‘t come from an Israeli fighting or martial art instructional background. “We are all looking for the best ways to deal with the violence that confronts our students and ourselves,” he says.

Robb Hamic http://www.robbhamic.com has copyrighted lessons plans, curriculum and a trademark pending for the program. He has successfully delivered this training to many different people in different areas of the world. He knows marketing and PR like no other self-defense company owner. He has the ability to give much needed business development to his instructor candidates so that they can add new business revenue into their schools and programs. The current economy has taken a toll on martial arts schools and firearms instructors. Summit Self Defense http://www.summitselfdefense.com has found a particular success in offering many different programs to different sectors, demographics and offering different products. Robb Hamic‘s Israeli Combat Shooting Instructor Development program has been a success for his business over the years and he has perfected it as a business model. He is now sharing this opportunity with fellow instructors and breaking down traditional barriers that exist amongst martial arts systems.

“In the end, I know I help people and I teach the truth. I love what I do and I am a good teacher. I want to share my skill-set with others.” People who are interested in Israeli Combat Shooting® or instructor development should contact Robb Hamic.

Contact: Robb Hamic, Managing Principal, Summit Self Defenseâ„¢, Israeli Combat Shooitng®, [email protected], 877-260-3773- Toll Free

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