12 August, 2014: Today marks the launch of the innovative website: www.HandheldVacuumPicker.com which features a wealth of information, including reviews, on picking the right handheld vacuum. With detailed pros and cons, along with other important information on the products, the website is exclusively dedicated to the wide variety of handheld vacuum cleaners available, and makes the process of making an informed decision easy and stress-free. 

A representative of the blogmaster commented on the event, stating that he was pleased to announce the launch, and its role in helping buyers to purchase the option that best fits their budget as well as their needs. He also explained that with the increase in new models being introduced to the market, with more advanced technologies, there is an intense need for a platform that will provide a balanced view and information on the pros and cons of each product. 

The role of HandheldVacuumPicker.com is to narrow the list of options for consumers, by identifying the most reputable and reliable handheld vaccum cleaners currently on the market. As a vacuum cleaner ranking and review website, HandheldVacuumPicker.com aims to help to make the purchase of a vacuum cleaner as easy as possible. 

Rather than claiming the world’s best vacuum cleaner, and insisting visitors should choose that product, HandheldVacuumPicker.com.net has a very different approach. On the site’s homepage, there is a list of the top five handheld vacuum cleaners available that day. There inclusion in the top 5 list is based on a number of qualities, including filters and convenience. 

A spokesperson for the website explained that choosing the best vacuum cleaner is a lot more to do with personal preference than anything else. 

It is not possible for someone else to choose the perfect vacuum cleaner for you. Factors like the unique needs for the specific apartment or house, and your own personal preferences all play a part in the perfect vacuum cleaner. Consumers living in a large home, for example, will probably need a vacuum that has a cord that is longer than 30 feet, while those who live in a small apartment may want a vacuum that has small detachable tools, in order to access those hard-to-reach places. 

Since the vacuum cleaner industry is an extremely competitive one, it is impossible to avoid the aggressive marketing campaign tactics. However, most consumers are not in a position to do the research and analysis needed in order to wade through the sea of options out there. It is the goal of the writer of HandheldVacuumPicker.com to make this easier for all consumers to make the decision of which vacuum cleaner would be best for their specific needs and budget. 

After reading all of the information they need about a particular vacuum cleaner, the site is set up so that it is easy for visitors to then simply click a link to Amazon.com where they will be able to purchase that vacuum cleaner. Apart from having some of the lowest prices available on the internet today, Amazon also offers free shipping on many vacuum cleaners. 

About The Site: HandheldVacuumPicker.com 

HandheldVacuumPicker.com is a blog which provides all of the information needed on handheld vacuum cleaners, in order to make the selection process as easy as possible. All of the important points that need to be considered in making a choice, are included and clarified in this blog. 

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