It’s raining spies on MOVIES NOW
~ This monsoon, MOVIES NOW brings you the hottest super agents in ‘Super Spies’starting 18th July, every Friday at 7pm and 9pm~

Mumbai, July 2014:Whether they are agents of laughter or agents of deception, spieshave always held a fascinating attraction for viewers. This monsoon, it’s raining spies on MOVIES NOW as your one-stop destination for Hollywood blockbustersbrings you the hottest super agents in‘Super Spies’starting 18th July every Friday at 7pm and 9pm.

Whether they are on the front lines risking their lives or behind-the-scenes collecting valuable intelligence, these super agents will keep you hooked with a thrilling combination of action and adventure.

Catch your favorite double-crossing agents in Mr and Mrs Smith, Salt, Paranoia, Knight and Day, Rush Hour 3, Get Smart, Austin Powers in Goldmember and Wild Wild West all this month with a double playout every Friday at 7pm and 9pm.

Crafty and slick, gorgeous and brilliant, these super spies have it all. From high-profile car chases to incredible corporate espionage, from armed shootouts to undercover assignments, learn the best tricks of the trade from the master spies themselves — Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Mike Myers, Jackie Chan and many more.

Get your fill of the sexiest car chases, the coolest double-crosses and the most exhilarating showdowns in ‘Super Spies’ all this month.

Starting 18th July, go undercover with MOVIES NOW every Friday at 7pm and 9pm!

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