It’s Time for a Royal Slumber Party!


Matching the standards of a royal lifestyle for a simple village girl can be quite a task. However, Sofia is leaving no stones unturned to live up to the expectations of the royalty at the Kingdom of Enchanciaand become a real Princess. The title of a princess doesn’t entail becoming snobbish or leaving ones old friends behind, right? Sofia organises her first royal slumber party and invites her village friends too along with the royal friends. Being the generous and kind-hearted girl she is, Sofia graciously opens the palace doors for her all her friends, disregarding the distinction of class, income and stature.


What happens when her old friends meet her ‘new’ royal friends? Do they get along well or does Sofia have to put in extra efforts to break the ice between her two sets of friends?


To find out watch Sofia The First on

Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 10.00amonly on Disney Channel


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