It’s Time to Name The Baby!


Naming a child can be a tricky business and the members of the Singh family find themselves stuck in the dilemma this week! What should they name the soon-to-be-born child? Hilarity ensues as each member comes up with the most ridiculous names one can imagine. Whose suggestion is finally considered? Who comes up with the best name? More importantly, will Baby Singh finally have a name?


Amidst all this, Himani and Avatar overhears Sunny telling Nikki that she would soon be a forgotten middle child. Taking this to heart, they try to spend some quality time with Sunny, but end up trying too hard! What does Sunny have to say about the ‘quality time’ he is gets to spend with his parents? Or does his parents’ attempt make him wish that he was forgotten?!


To find out watchBest of Luck NikkiSeason 3 on

Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 10.30amonly on Disney Channel


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