02, January 2015: The Daily Mirror has recently published a story about a UK couple’s triumphant miracle quest following 3 miscarriages, and 6 cycles of In Vitro Fertilisation treatment, costing over 90.000 Pounds Sterling. The paper says that Helen Proctor had actually spent nearly 10 years attempting to get pregnant, with her husband Marc even needing to take a year off from work, however their dream baby Blake has now ended up being a reality. The saying goes that you cannot put a price tag on happiness, though when it comes to Helen and Marc Proctor there’s no doubting you can, as in spite of their heartbreak, the couple never gave up hoping by pouring everything they had into fertility treatments, which have eventually helped Helen conceive baby Blake, who is now 12 weeks old.

IVF baby

After getting wed in 2007, the couple instantly began pursuing a baby, though with hubby Marc working for a private security firm in Iraq, the couple were not left with numerous opportunities to conceive, resulting in his decision to take a year off so he would be able to concentrate on getting Helen pregnant. 10 months on and still no success, the couple asked their regional clinic, Wessex Fertility, for aid, as Helen didn’t fulfil the strict age requirements for IVF in their area. Helen said… “It was a long drawn out procedure, however we did eventually get a positive answer in the end. It wasn’t long though that we understood something was not quite right but the physicians simply kept informing us that we were being impatient. It was apparent to me that there was an underlying concern, but at this phase I was willing to do anything to get to the bottom of it.”

Helen then decided to pay out £60 on a test at a private clinic, and was stunned when the outcome disclosed she had a low egg count, suggesting it had not been possible to conceive naturally. She said… “It was ravaging news, but it just stimulated me on much more, knowing that IVF was now our only choice. In January 2009, we paid £8,000 for the very first IVF cycle at Wessex Fertility, followed by another two rounds the very same year, which cost an additional £16,000, however regretfully all attempts failed.” Additional tests revealed that Helen had endometriosis, making it much more unlikely they would be able to have a baby.

A trip to a leading Harley Street clinic was needed for the 4th IVF cycle, costing a further £9,000 plus travel expenses, however once again success was not coming. Then, another doctor confirmed that Helen’s eggs were dark, grainy and bad quality, so she was encouraged to use an egg donor. The couple agreed to the idea, but with UK regulations stopping them from finding an anonymous egg contributor in the UK, they were given no other choice than going to an IVF clinic in Spain. She stated… “We knew we didn’t want our baby later searching for their egg contributor, however thankfully our regional hospital had a sister IVF hospital in Spain, where anonymous egg donation is permitted.”

Finally on 5th December in 2013, Helen had 2 embryos implanted and 4 days later on tests were favourable. She stated… “I was so terrified. I had not been sure if I was strong enough to make it through the whole process again, but after just one month, a scan showed I was lugging twins, and verifying that each had a strong heart beat.” A due date of 27th August was provided, however it was to be on April 28th that Helen’s waters in fact broke. Blake came back home in September gone, with Helen stating… “I can not explain how it feels to hold him in my arms,” with hubby Marc adding… “I ‘d go through the process a million times in order to have my boy.”

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