IXC’s voice over the internet software has made communication very easy. This is particularly because of their commitment to producing high quality software that is aimed at giving the public desired results. As things stand, there are very few VoIP software developers that can compare with IXC’s VoIP software. This conclusion is easy to draw by simply going taking a closer look at the various that are associated with the voice over the web software by IXC. But, what are the features of IXC VoIP software make it the best in the entire industry?

Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to count the total number of features that are associated with their software. However, it is easy to point out a few notable features. If any person had a chance to make use of this voice over the web software by IXC, one will obviously be left with no choice but to conclude that it is superb software. For example, the software has a Graphical User Interface (or GUI) website interface that is very user friendly, thus making them the best in the industry. There is little doubt that the user friendly nature of the IXC’s VoIP softswitch software is what has made a huge impact on many users especially that most VoIP software may have very complex user interfaces that make it difficult to interact with certain electronic devices.

In relation to the ability of the IXC VoIP software’s ability to support many continuous calls, it is very easy to notice that there is no other VoIP software that has the potential to support a hundred or more concurrent calls. IXC’s VoIP software can support a thousand of continuous calls along with system extension features that do not disrupt the service, a feature that has turned out to be very vital in the commercial world.

Another reason why the IXC class 4 soft switch may be popular is based on the fact that it allows very large traffic flow across a wide range of IP networks. Apparently, most networks are congested and do not allow a large traffic flow of voice calls over IP networks. In view of this, one company representative could not herself from saying something about IXC’s capacity to handle a large traffic flow of VoIP calls without getting congested. IXC softswitch has an amazing capacity to handle multiple voice calls over IP networks without causing any congestion; this is amazing.

In the recent past, VoIP networks were faced with a big challenge of easily integrating existing VoIP billing systems. Thanks to the coming of the IXC VoIP billing software , it is now very easy to integrate an existing VoIP billing system by radius authenticity means. This is what you makes this software reliable in as far as the billing application of IXC’s VoIP software.

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