J. C. High Eagle is Osage and Cherokee Native American Indian from the state of OKLAHOMA, USA who had received a Medal of Freedom Award for his heroic efforts in bringing the spacecraft back safely!

United States- For those who know about near tragic Apollo 13 mission might already know about J.C. High Eagle, the veteran flight controller at NASA when Apollo 13 had an explosion during its flight. However, with his heroic efforts the spacecraft and its crew were brought back safely. He later received a Medal of Freedom Award for saving the mission, and most importantly the lives of those who were manning the craft. He has recently launched his new online shop, where customers can buy books, music albums, photos, lectures, stories, documentaries, and articles composed by J.C. High Eagle himself. Moreover, with SSL Certificate, buyers can expect safe and secure transaction.

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On the 13th day of April, Apollo 13 that had been launched two days earlier at 13:13 hours experienced a severe problem.  The Retrofire Officer at console 13, J.C. High Eagle never wavered in knowing that the crew of this troubled flight would return unharmed and the number 13 would not be their undoing. He strongly believes that the number 13 has been quite lucky for him.

Today, J.C. Elliott, also known by his ceremonial name of High Eagle is a man of remarkable humanitarian, artistic and philanthropic achievements, including having authored as a result of a “vision” the legislation, (and perhaps even more miraculous, got it passed through the Congress and signed by President Ford in three months), which created Native American Awareness Week each October.  Besides this, he was indeed the first Native American to play the flute as a guest soloist with the National Symphony at the J.F. Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., and has had his compositions played in Carnegie Hall.

With the launch of his new online shop, J.C. Elliott wants to make his products and services available to customers worldwide, through which they can learn about Native American Indian Flute Music, Native American Culture, and legends.

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About J.C. High Eagle

J.C. High Eagle is the owner of High Eagle Productions, LC a 100% Native American Indian Owned and Operated Company. He has served NASA for more than 30 years, in fact the very first Native American to work at NASA, and the first to graduate in physics from the University of Oklahoma. Today, he is a renowned speaker who can weave the ancient spiritual wisdom of his Osage/ Cherokee heritage with his knowledge as a prominent physicist into a powerful message of love and unity.  His accomplishments and other impressive awards that underscore the meaningful life of a most unusual and special man are too many to mention.