Do you know Jack? Jack Kudos came to fruition as three creative and thoughtful woman wanted more laughter in the world. This female trio transformed Jack, their orange hippo mascot, and turned him into a magnificent animal that can bounce, flip and jump like no hippo has ever done before. In this game, Jack chases a mischievous rhino beetle that has taken his basket of fruit. As Jack travels through the jungle, apples, bananas and strawberries fall from the basket. As Jack eats the fruit, it gives him energy to continue his chase of the rhino beetle. He needs all his energy to catch her and it’s up to you to make sure he finds as much fruit as possible. Are you up for the chase?

Studies have shown that laughter reduces stress, helps people bond with each other and increases endorphins. Children playing Jack Kudos will learn that fruit is nutritious and provides us with super antioxidants that gives us energy and makes us happy - you will get loads of fun and family good times!

Why is Jack Kudos important? Jack Kudos is important for these reasons:

1. Family-friendly - Jack Kudos brings back the simple joys in life, family and friends with lots of fun.
2. Promotes good health - Jack Kudos highlights the beauty and desire for fruit, such as apple, bananas and strawberries. Players of all ages will gravitate to fruit on a subconscious level and want to be healthy.
3. Focuses on Positivity - Jack Kudos allows everyone to learn that positivity is within our reach and we just need to take action, whether it is changing our frame of mind or jumping or hopping to grab it.
4. Made for everyone - Jack Kudos was designed for everyone to enjoy, no matter your age, tech know-how or location.

Kickstarter operates under an “all or nothing” funding method, if we do not reach our goal of $35,000 by August 19, 2015, there will be no Jack Kudos. Come pledge for Jack Kudos and create family-friendly and fun memories with us. Be sure to follow us on twitter @bondswell_com and on vine @bondswell.

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