Alex Marino is a producer and actor. He is popularly known for the film “the telemarketers: 36 hrs. filmmaker and breathe. Alex is currently working on a new film. The film jackrabbit 29 is a thriller film. Alex is the co-star of this film. Other characters who are costarring in this film are Jose rosete, Charlie Morgan and Jason Johnson.

Alex Marino is also the founder of the magnet theatre which is a comedy theatre. He is the grandson of Richard granger. His grandfather was an actor and dancer. He has had a long history of acting and this makes him one of the best. His movies are always exciting to watch. He performed in the devil and Billy Markham which was a one man show. In this show, he brought out 6 different characters. This show made him win the critic’s pick.

The film, jackrabbit 29, is set to be completed in 2014. The film was shot in alexa. The cinematographer who is working on this film is nick Mathews who brings it out beautifully. The director and writer of this film is Kyle klubal. The film begins with the missing of a young couple. The film is homage to tarrantino’s pulp fiction. It is a one of a kind thriller movie. If you love thriller movie, then this is your chance to enjoy the best one.

There is a reward given to the person who will find them. These rewards bring the interest of a number of people. Most people come from different places to search for this missing couple. There are hit men, bounty hunters among others who are set to search for the couple. The story continues as these set off on a search for this couple. They go through different paths in their search. Just from this script it shows that this film is going to be an interesting one.

Alex Marino ( ) has been known to give his best when it comes to filming. If you have ever watched some of his work, then you will attest to this fact. This is another thriller where he is featured. It is bound to be a great film. You do not want to miss the jackrabbit 29. Marino has received credits for his amazing work. This is one is also going to get you glued to your seats. He achieved a lot throughout his acting career. He is one of the fast rising actors.

Given his thrilling performance, there is no doubt that you are set to have a good time with the jackrabbit 29. Watch as the characters handle conflict to achieve the one goal which s search for the missing couple. It will take you through a trip to the different paths that they pass through in search for the couple. This is only one price for all the characters here. Everyone is doing their level best to get the young couple. Who will find the missing couple and walk home with the big reward that is given?

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