15, October 2015: Jack’s parents were always quite busy with their work and almost had no time to take care of their child, so Jack had to move to another city living with his grandparents. When they missed him, they would take several days’ leave, bought him some presents and flew to see him. Among those gifts from them, Jack loved the Airwheel electric scooter best and took it an indispensible part of his life.


Since his relationship with the intelligent scooter had been established, Jack no longer went to the primary school any more by bus, but rode the scooter instead. While the others were waiting anxiously for the belated school bus to come, he scooted by them joyfully, knowing that he did not have to worry about being late and being reproached by his teacher. Envied, they would follow him with their eyes as far as they could reach and he did indeed enjoy the feeling of being centre of people’s attention.

Then at weekends, every day morning he waked up early to walk his dog with the self-balancing scooter as his partner as well. Sometimes, he took his beloved dog in his arms and rode the scooter together with him to view the world from another perspective and enjoy the softness of the wind. Sometimes, he would just let it down and run after him as fast as could to see if the dog could catch up with him when the scooter was moving at its top speed.


And in the afternoon, he usually hanged out with his friends in the park and had a picnic there. Of course, his Airwheel electric scooter won’t be forsaken. Yet before riding to the destination, he usually took a detour to the supermarket to get the necessities prepared. Undoubtedly, they would have a good time there.

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