JacVapour is becoming one of the best-known electronic cigarette companies in the UK with its extensive product line. Electronic cigarette review website, ecigr. explores why this is the case. According to the ecigr. review, JacVapour was founded in 2010 by a former tobacco cigarette smoker. Like many of its competitors, JacVapour offers it’s own starter kit that gives users everything they need to get started vaping. The ecigr. review explores the JacVapour V1P Electronic Cigarette in particular mainly due to its list of features and moderate price.

ecigr. founder, Alexis Carson wrote the Jacvapour review and tries to touch on every aspect of the V1P starter, good and bad. Carson’s JacVapour review mentions how the included personal charge case is a bit unique compared to others like it on the market. Like others like it, the JacVapour PCC does utilize a screw-in mechanism for battery charging. However, what sets it apart is that the charging port rotates to allow for more comfortable unscrewing of the battery. Additionally, the JacVapour PCC is rather pleasant to the eyes especially in what Carson refers to as “piano black”.

The review also mentions JacVapours extensive list of flavour options as well as their high battery mAh ratings. Higher mAh ratings are typically directly proportional to longer battery life. Carson’s review is almost overwhelmingly in favour of the Jac Vapour V1P electronic cigarette starter kit with the website even listing it as the second best starter kit currently on the market.

ecigr. was founded and launched by Alexis Carson, a former tobacco cigarette smoker. Upon trying her first electronic cigarette, Carson discovered how easy it was to ditch her old tobacco-infested habit but quickly realized how dramatically e-cig companies differed in their product offerings. As a result, she launched ecigr. with the hope of providing comprehensive reviews on electronic cigarettes helping users determine which e-cig would best suited for them.

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