Miami, FL; July 4th, 2014: ”Genesis” The viral debut EP only recently uploaded to Jalen McMillan’s official SoundCloud has gained millions of total plays & worldwide controversy as several internet sites and blogs have crashed, along with Jalen’s fans taking twitter by storm making #genesis a trending topic worldwide. Songs on the album are described as lengthy, sonically expansive, and accompanied by movie like interludes all of which Jalen produced. McMillan’s songwriting overall subject and lyric matter contains themes of ambivalence, conflicted feelings toward fame, destroyed relationships, unrequited love, existential longing, as well as surrealistic imagery & deadpan humor. 

“I wanted to create the greatest project of recorded history. “In 5000 years, I want people still enjoying & listening to it”. 

Genesis has an unconventional musical style, with influences from psychedelic, pop-soul, EDM and electro-funk genres. Although its production pulls from a spectrum of popular modern and classic influences, they are used within the ‘constraints’ of R&B without any singular genre taking over the record. Songs on the album are characterized by electronic keyboard, muted percussion, fluctuating backing tracks, shifting synthesizers, vamps, and hazy electronic effects such as dub reverb. Less melodic and hook-oriented Genesis has soft melodies, gentle articulation, spatial arrangements, and mid-tempo drum beats, although the more ruminative songs feature slower tempos and high falsettos. 

“Genesis” is available on all major online retailers including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and others. It can be streamed for free on Soundcloud ( and can be purchased through Jalen’s website, The album, which took multiple years to develop and record, has massive global smash hit potential. 

McMillan Produced, Wrote, Arranged and Performed every song. 

“I love Jalen McMillan! Every lyric speaks directly to me. I swear sometimes I think he crawled inside my head because it seems as if he is singing my very thought!” – Nina R, fan 

McMillan can be reached by phone through his manager, Daniel Rosenberg, at 786-461-0266. For more information, fans can visit McMillan’s official website

For Media Contact:
Daniel Rosenberg (Manager)
Phone: 786-461-0266