28 August, 2014: In Jamaica, luxury hotels all over the island have banded together to take part in the exciting celebrations and activities scheduled for the month of August. While by no means an official declaration, the unanimous announcement coming from the different hotels and resorts in Jamaica constitutes a resounding commitment and reassurance that the island’s annual calendar of events is nothing short of consistently spectacular. 

From the very first days of August, the island has transformed into a vibrant, extraordinary place of fun, excitement and camaraderie — even more so than usual, say organisers. August 1 marked one of the island’s most important celebrations, Emancipation Day, which was a major public holiday. 

It’s because of the Emancipation Day celebrations that other less important celebrations align themselves to the month, resulting in festivities, events and parties happening throughout many parts of the island on the same day and spilling over to the rest of the month. Examples are the famous all-night party for the Seville Emancipation Jubilee held at the Seville Heritage Park, and the Emancipation Day Extravaganza at the Rio Grande, featuring a highly popular raft race. 

On the close knit island of Jamaica, luxury hotels also avidly support cultural shows that showcase the island’s cherished traditions, such as Reggae Film Festival in Ocho Rios and the Season of Dance performances by the National Dance theatre Company of Jamaica, at the Little Theatre in Kingston 5. Another popular event is the highly anticipated Annual International Dancehall Queen Competition, held at Pier One in St. James, where leading dance groups from all over the world gather to perform and compete for the top prize. 

“Our hotel has always kept and nurtured the island’s traditional celebrations close to its heart,” one hotel spokesperson said. Hotel and resort management forge close ties with groups seeking sponsorship requests, and make it a point to share news of events with international hotel guests. The spokesperson said that in Jamaica, luxury hotels have always played a major role whenever an event takes place, even those small enough to take place in a tiny side-street. He went on to say that hotels and resorts on the island work closely with the locals to give foreign visitors nothing but a great time. 

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