James Anthony introduces a new crowd funding campaign on the popular fundraising platform of KickStarter

James Anthony has come up with a really interesting crowd funding campaign on the popular fund raising platform of KickStarter. This project is called “AQUATICA// Exclusive Playing Cards”.

This is reported to be one of the most promising and new KickStarter projects to date. The KickStarter playing cards campaign is launched in order to gain backers to help fund the creation of these superior quality Phoenix USPCC cards, which simply flow through the finger tips.  Professional magician James Anthony, who has teamed up with famous designer James Howells, introduces this project. The playing cards introduced by the team here are extremely attractive and unique in so many ways.  AQUATICA also handles extremely well due to the nature of production.

A recent pledge raiser of this campaign shares, “I am totally in love with the cards I have gained after pledging for this campaign. I have tried out many other kinds of cards of similar category. However, these playing cards are significantly different from all the others available. This is why; I have pledged for this campaign and I am really proud of the decision, I made. I have shared this campaign with many of my friends and they are equally delighted about it.”

The usage of highest quality USPCCâ„¢ card stock, and custom designed backs, aces, jokers and box has added a completely new dimension to what is currently available. The designs of these cards have been 2 years in the making. Minute detailing of the cards have been taken into consideration by the team at every point of the process. These cards are yet to be launched officially. However, people, who are fascinated with the overall idea of these cards, can certainly make them become a reality by simply pledging one of the many options available. If you like the look of these cards I invite you to contribute for the campaign and help us introduce this truly unique deck of cards to the world.

For more details please visit http://kck.st/1RrWREs