James Paul Jansen authored the book Osama bin Laden in The Heartland: o9-o3-o1 Pre 9/11 to describe his experience of spending 8 days with a troop of Saudi Militant, headed by Osama Bin Laden who came to Heartland, just 8 days before the 9/11 and occupied the author’s store.

Heartland (June 10, 2016) - Osama bin Laden In The Heartland: o9-o3-o1 Pre 9/11 authored by James Paul Jansen narrates  the story of Osama Bin Laden and his companions when they came to Heartland, just eight days before the tragic 9/11 event. This book accounts for the in-between line details of the 8 days for Osama Bin Laden in the Heartland to prepare the final execution plan of 9/11.

The author owns a roadside convenience store in Heartland and he is an opinion that the Laden came to Heartland with just 8 days to go for the execution of the 9/11 and the troop occupied the author’s store. In these Books on 9/11, the author narrates about his experience of watching Laden and his troop from the closest and hence, authored they key facts about the 9/11 conspiracies. It can be said that the book is an attempt by the author to intimate the world about the hidden 9/11 truth. The book is the most realistic observation on the troop from the time span before 9/11 happened.

Reading the 9/11 story as described in the book will get to know as how the Saudis approached this plan and it unveils the truth about 9/11. The book has got a complete description about Osama bin laden in us as well as Osama bin laden in Moscow, Iowa just before the execution of 9/11 massacre. The book had triggered a sensation among people worldwide for its catchy storyline and the realistic description enable the readers about the Saudi militants in a phase when the world was unaware of their mission that will be considered the biggest tragedy in the history of human civilization.

“I am convinced that troop of militants that occupied my convenience store was headed by Osama and I thought of authoring this book to let people around the world know an avid description of my experience of watching the troop from the closest” stated the author.

About Osama bin Laden in the Heartland: o9-o3-o1 Pre 9/11
Osama bin Laden in The Heartland: o9-o3-o1 Pre 9/11 is a book authored by James Paul Jansen and the plot of the book is the description of watching the militant troop from the closest. The author is of the opinion that the troop was headed by Osama bin laden himself.

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