JamesMorgan.Attorney has seen a rise in the community asking for divorce and custody-related legal advice among pro se individuals who struggle to pay high retainer fees to attorneys in the industry.

Los Angeles, CA — August 12, 2015 — JamesMorgan.Attorney(https://www.jamesmorgan.attorney/index.php) announced today that the website has seen a rise in a demand for legal help and advice online pertaining to divorce matters in the United States. Since its launch, attorneys who work with the website have answered countless questions on issues regarding custody, step parenting, community property and debt, as well as managing a divorce pro se.

JamesMorgan.Attorney opened its virtual doors to the community this year with the aim of providing quality and affordable legal help to everyone in the hope of bringing law and order right to consumers without them leaving their homes.

“The truth is that not everyone today can afford to retain a lawyer,” states Janae Brand, CEO. “With our connections to the legal industry and our expertise in technology, we are able to make this happen for those who need legal advice the most.”

While JamesMorgan.Attorney is able to provide legal advice in any aspect of law, a majority of recent questions have been centered on divorce and custody.

“It seems like this is a legal area that many people need help in and we are glad to be able to provide the expertise in the industry to help them,” says Janae. “Even after a divorce is concluded, issues surrounding custody, visitation, and money remain.”

The attorneys at JamesMorgan.Attorney are hard at work 24/7 to cater to this demand for legal information and advice all year round. The services the website provides not only makes it affordable for the community to stay educated in these matters, but also helps them make sound legal decisions moving forward.

Anyone is able to get advice from a professional attorney in a particular practice area for under $2 and the service is available online via JamesMorgan.Attorney.

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JamesMorgan.Attorney provides professional, sound legal advice online in the comfort of your home. We strive to take the annoyance out of law and order, while maintaining a high standard and quality of the help, advice, and services we offer. Our online service is provided only by qualified legal professionals and attorneys who have the expertise and experience in a particular area of law in your community. For more information, visit www.JamesMorgan.Attorney.

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