United States of America, 18, August 2015: The concept of a modern kitchen has undergone a sea of change with the advancement in technology. Kitchen utensils are also different compared to what they were almost two decade ago. Can openers, preparation tools, cutlery and spoon rests are quite common. Janox Products, an online retailer, is offering a set of two kitchen tongs with silicone tips. The set is comprised of a 9 inch and 12 inch food tong that is designed for a grill and frying pans. It is really easy to use, as it has a strong stainless steel handle featuring silicone rubber pads. This provides an easy grip to the user for lifting and flipping different types of food.

Janox Products is a well recognized brand with product offerings across different categories. Its kitchen series of products features a set of asparagus tongs . All of the products are manufactured as per mandatory professional standards. For example, the set, which features two sizes, comes with FDA approved silicone rubber tips that are also dishwasher safe. They come with an easy lock and unlock mechanism for hanging and storage. These tongs are quite functional and practical utensils that are suitable for kitchens in different households.

Many occasions involve dinning together with family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Food items, like salads and fried chicken, need to be served. Any of the Janox provided tongs may serve as salad tongs to assist with food distribution. They provide a simple means for moving, rotating and turning the food with delicate precision. It can withstand extreme temperatures and are designed to be user friendly. Such tongs are made of FDA grade and BPA free silicone material. Cleaning a tong is really easy and it also prevents the growth of bacteria.

Kitchen tong is not just meant for use in the home kitchen. Restaurants, hotels, pantry cars, and similar establishments also make use of these items. Tongs have become very common salad tools. These serving utensils are gradually making their way into the households of people from different walks of life. There is no hassle of freeing up a massive storing space for such items.

Janox Products is a recognized name that is launching a series of kitchen products. All of their manufactured products go through multiple rounds of quality testing. Customers can shop for these items at leading online stores, such as Amazon.

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Janox Products is a fast growing brand with a wide portfolio of kitchen use products. It is currently offering a set of tongs in different sizes for food serving purposes. This is both a user friendly and pocket friendly kitchen utensil with a one year of warranty. Visit the website for information on products offered.