Born in Long Island New York, Jay is back with a full stream of hits, released off his latest work titled T.E.A.R.S (Truthful Encounters And Reality Speaker) with one of his most successful singles to date “Last Call”. Blazing the internet, Last Call has received over 60k downloads and 25k views. The official video was also featured on MTV networks as “Freshman Of The Week” and as his follow up single “Pressure” coming in at no surprise surpassing his 1st single with the official video pushing close to 28k views. 

Some of his earliest influences where Snoop, Tupac, Biggie, & Nas, as far music goes, as a business man he really respected Jay-z and his keen sense of hustling. “I think people are thirsty for good music and I’ll be right here to provide it for them” says the very so humble Jay. With multiple shows and radio interviews under his belt this artist seems to be wearing this music outfit as if it where taylor made. 

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