January 28, 2014: Jewelleries are always the best friend of any woman who wants to look beautiful. However, there could be wide varieties of jewelleries and a woman needs to understand which piece of jewellery and which type of jewellery would be the most suitable for her to enhance her beauty. Now, to help women choose the most adorable pieces of jewelleries, there is an illustrated guidebook, The Royal Jewellers. This 90-page book could be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift and one can simply share this vivid digital book with his Valentine and can make a deep inroad into her hearts. 

Royal Jewellers

Kostas Metaxas, the creator of this guidebook maintains that jewelleries made of precious metals and along with diamonds and gemstones have always been a great object of desire for women. He reveals, “Women love to wear these small decorative items on various body parts. This e-book will reveal how women can look more adorable and fashionable by selecting jewelleries that would be more suitable to their individual personalities.” According to him, the e-book could be a unique gifting idea for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. 

People often look out for unique Valentine’s Day gifts and for them this e-book could serve the purpose of Jewels for My Valentine. Women will certainly love this e-book, which will help them to become more stylish and trendy. The e-book features a collection of jewelleries that Kostas has collected for over 25 years by personally visiting various places across the world. One can gift this free e-book to his Valentine along with a piece of gold or diamond jewellery to please her and to strengthen the loving bond. 

Kostas is particularly well-known for his documentation and presentation skills, and this e-book also contains vivid illustrations along with interesting descriptions. The e-book features some of the royal jewelleries that have their unique style and way of presentation that can stun any woman. The e-book will help women explore new jewellery ideas that they can bring in their own lives to look more adorable and beautiful. One can grab the e-book by following the link http://issuu.com/exero/docs/_royaljewellers#! .

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Kostas Metaxas is an independent producer of profiles, covering personalities from fashion, design and jewellery industries. He offers his consultancy to several important international luxury business brands. He provides his clients with the documentation and profiling services. 

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