The developers of announced the launch of their latest addition in making the world of web hosting, packages and services a lot easier. At the end of December 2014, they officially launched the Jhosts Directory. Known for their diligent acquiring of hosting companies to demonstrate their own deals on the Jhosts pages, the developers revealed earlier in 2014 that a Web Hosting Directory was in the works.
The Jhosts team advertise virtually anything and include CPC contextual links, CPM email, CPM banner ads and more. “It was the logical step to have a Jhosts Directory( ) launched and the decision to make it free remains. Any website can add their links without any other obligation towards our website directory.” Jhosts are not new on the web scene and has shared and provided millions with Web design, hosting coupons, best deals, and industry related news for years. In a highly competitive industry web, directories are a source everybody requires. A new web directory however has to come from a trusted company to be authentic.
“Users know and trust as authentic and trusted; we attract attention and has thousands of daily visitors. That is what web owners want, a great source of traffic. The Jhosts Directory launched was long overdue. Listing with us get websites exposure they need and they also get a backlink.” Steven Chand continued during the recent media report.
The company, known for it being always online guarantees no downtime. Live chat feature is immediate and personal, no machines leading users to irrelevant content when a question is asked. Web owners already listed reported on the ease and simplicity. “You don’t have anything to lose, only gain. It is a heavy traffic site, who would not use the Jhosts Web Hosting Directory? Simply register, add your information and you go viral!” came the reply of one web owner that listed on January 1, 2015.

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