14, October 2015: Jimmy was merely an ordinary worker who usually went to company every day in the early morning and return late at night by bus. One day, when he was on his way home on the Bus No.3 he used to take, he absent-mindedly started a journey in his brain making a comparison between the bus and an Airwheel electric scooter.


He had seated himself more than an hour without a movement. Too long time’s sitting made him very uncomfortable both in his legs, his shoulder and his neck. Then he noticed that some of those passengers stood there encircled by others as long as he sit there, understanding immediately that his situation was far more fortunate than theirs. Yet he wished that he could have an Airwheel self-balancing scooter so that he wouldn’t have to be bound to his seat with his sight restrictively limited to those high buildings and far-reaching pavements.

On an Airwheel intelligent scooter, he would have a chance to decide which direction to take with the slight leaning of his body while it was always the bus driver who controlled the wheel of the bus. Riding a scooter will give him an opportunity to get much closer to the nature, take a breath of fresh air, and take a view of the world from a different perspective. Then perhaps one might begin to take a preference to the things on the road which used to be ruthlessly ignored and might find that life is much better than they thought.


Apart from this, an Airwheel electric scooter is in possession of other advantages lacked by the buses. The reason why he was kept in the bus for so long a time was, to some degree, caused by the terrible traffic congestions on the street. Differently, a scooter could easily get rid of the traffic jams without great difficulties. After careful meditation, he finally made up his mind to take his scooter to work next day.

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