Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. Unveils New 
Retail Identity, Jindal Panther

~ Introduces TMT Rebars as the first product under new brand name ~

~ Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars come with a higher degree of strength, ductability, malleability and superior seismic resistant properties ~

New Delhi, August 5, 2013: Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. (JSPL), India’s leading steel and power company today announced the launch of a new retail brand, Jindal Pantherâ„¢ in India. The brand is inspired by the Black Panther, a powerful feline synonymous with strength, agility and rebirth.

The first product to be launched under Jindal Pantherâ„¢ is the Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars, signifying the company's foray into the retail product segment. The new generation premium quality ribbed Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Rebars have a higher degree of strength, ductility and malleability, yielding the best results for all constructions needs.

Speaking at the launch of Jindal Panther, Mr Ravi Uppal, MD and CEO, Jindal Steel and Power , “At JSPL, our brand values are rooted in excellence, innovation and commitment to world class quality as envisioned by our founder Sh. O.P Jindal. Our entry into retail is spurred with an aim to provide top quality reinforced bars to the housing segment. Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars have been inspired by the strength and agility of the powerful Panther and promises to empower every Indian home by offering strength and purity to its construction. With this we aspire to serve the emerging needs of infrastructure in the country.”

Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars have been made with superior quality steel billets with a restricted level of Sulphur and Phosphorus, a maximum of 0.055% to comply with the latest BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) specifications. The manufacturing process uses the world’s most advanced Morgan Rolling Mill deploying HYQST (High Yield Quenching & Self Tempering) TMT technology, making it more strong and ductile.

Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars aims to break the acronym mould of the category, and engage with the end customers to cater to varying housing and construction needs. The high strength, bendability and weldability factors allow the TMT rebar to withstand shock loading and cyclic loading conditions making it an ideal choice for buildings in high seismic zones. Made with consistent mechanical and chemical properties for both residential as well as industrial projects, the TMT rebars have been made available across retails outlets, integrated with a channel network of 40 distributors and over 1000 dealers.

The TMT rebar is being produced at the TMT Rebar mill at Patratu, Jharkhand with a production capacity of 1.0 MTPA, using the leading Siemens rebar production technology from USA.

The mill produces high strength rebars confirming to IS 1786:2008 in Fe 500D, Fe 550D & Fe 600 grade in normal, EQR & CRS quality.

About Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL)

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is one of India’s major steel producers with a significant presence in sectors like Steel, Mining, Power Generation and Infrastructure. With an annual turnover of over US$ 3.5 billion, JSPL is a part of the over US$ 18 billion diversified O. P. Jindal Group. In the recent past, JSPL has expanded its steel, power and mining businesses to various parts of the world particularly in Asia, Africa and Australia.

The company produces economical and efficient steel and power. From the widest flat products to a whole range of long products, JSPL today sports a product portfolio that caters to major infrastructure & housing projects in the country. It also has the distinction of producing the world’s longest 121 metre long rails and large size parallel flange beams, high strength angle irons for transmission towers and high strength earthquake-resistant construction rebars.

The company is equally concerned about the environment and is committed towards restoring nature’s balance by maintaining a clean and green environment. JSPL’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy aims at bringing about a radical transformation in the quality of people’s lives in and around the operation areas of the company through positive intervention in social upliftment and revenue generation programs.


Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars — Features that Distinguish

1)      Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars have precise, uniform and parallel rib pattern engraved through computer controlled notch making machines, which results in excellent bond strength with concrete. Parallel ribs on Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars have been produced by a high-speed finishing block which is an ultra-heavy-duty block using Tungsten Carbide rings that imparts close dimensional tolerance and superior surface finish.

2)      Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars have been proven to have higher resistance to cyclic loading and are recommended for earthquake prone areas due to their superior seismic resistant properties. The TMT Rebar meets international specifications for the UTS/YS ratio imparting high ductility and strength. Higher UTS/YS ratio and more percentage elongation signify that the steel is capable to strain harder, in the event of an earthquake.

3)      Jindal Pantherâ„¢ TMT Rebars have excellent bendability (in spite of their high strength) facilitating easy bending, making work easier and faster at construction sites. This coupled with low carbon content leads to superior corrosion resistant properties as compared to any ordinary rebars.

4)      The quenching at 1050 degree celsius and the self-tempering treatment at a temperature of approximately 650°C results in a consistent and thick layer of tempered martensitic-ring on the outer surface of the rebar imparting higher capacity to retain strength at elevated temperatures.


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