With great skill and expertise, Jits.co.id assures all clients unhindered services to succeed in the life. Clients just need to fill in the form and the team will do the needful.

Jakarta, Indonesia (November 01, 2015) - Jakarta International Translation Services (JITS) has come up with a website jits.co.id, wherein customers can place and submit order for many services like Translation, Interpretation and Legalization. Translation being an important medium for undertaking business deals with foreign countries, the company’s expert team will assist the client in every step to have a successful venture be in academics, business, negotiations, legalization of documents etc. JITS has an expert team, which is very well educated and hence provide translation services (Jasa Penerjemah) currently in 14 languages including English, Mandarin, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Portuguese Arabic, Vietnamese etc to name a few.

The company also provides Interpretation services in all the above languages for holding business, summits, seminars, and during negotiating important deals. JITS is a certified and sworn translator and interpreter. It is legally authorized by Governor of Jakarta. This will be a lot of help for those clients who are having a problem of communication and struggling to break the ice during business deals. Company has official status for interpreter and presently helping with Government with interpreters, who can talk simultaneously during summits and speeches. The unbridled language is most important quality for an interpreter, as it can flare up or strengthen relations, especially between two countries. Hence, an expert is what a client needs to handle such situations.

The other services the company offers is the legalization of documents like Notary and other Government approved documents meant for academic, business and foreign government authorization documents. The company was in the business of Jasa Penerjemah(http://www.jits.co.id/), interpretations and legalization of documents since the past 7 years. And JITS is proud to have proved an excellent customer satisfaction and exceeding it many times. Having boasted for providing best translation services in the country, now we are expanding teams to other surrounding nation.

About JITS:
Jakarta International Translation Service shortly known as JITS provides translating services into various types of foreign languages. The service provider offers translating by a team of professionals who are certified as official translator and sworn. It provides legal documents, corporate, academic, banking, medical etc. translating services at best price.

For more information, please visit http://www.jits.co.id

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