New and some returning products added to John Wayne Collectable in time for everyone's shopping adventures.


Clinton Township, Michigan — Five products have been added to John Wayne Collectables, beginning with the returning John Wayne Toothpick Dispenser. This dispenser has images of John Wayne on it and comes with a starter set of toothpicks so it can be put to use right away.


The second item is a new Sherpa Throw. This four foot by five foot throw has a silhouette of John on one side, with "The Duke" lettering, and a simulated signature from John, and a solid color on the other side.


The third item is a coffee mug with a morphing image of John. Add hot liquid to the mug and the image on the side of the mug changes. This mug, as with all morphing mugs and similar products, it is intended to be hand washed, as high heat from a dishwasher weakness the morphing image.


The fourth item is something new, Bacon Hot Chocolate Mix. It is a tin of eight ounces of mix containing both artificial and natural flavorings.


The fifth new item is a towel. This towel is white on the backside, and has great collage of images the "The Duke" on the front side. This large towel is 59 by 29 inches.


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