Modeled after some of his favorite artists, including Crosby, Stills, and Nash, along with Paul McCartney, the music of Johnny Reed captures the emotion and timelessness of classic rock.

Redondo Beach, California, December 09, 2015 - His music is also appealing to fans of modern pop music. A former member of the eccentric group Rawk Dawg, Reed has recently emerged as a prominent solo act. Reed is the perfect bridge between old and new, classic and modern, the ideal artist for fans of Elton John, the Beatles, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift.

Hailing from Redondo Beach, California, pop/rock musician Johnny Reed has always appreciated the soul and emotion evoked by classic rock. Influenced by rock legends such as Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, The Beatles, and the philosophic consciousness of Bob Dylan, Reed brings an air of feeling and storytelling ability to every one of his tracks. Stating that his songs are “stories of life”, Reed covers important topics including interpersonal relationships, important social issues, and the challenges of being human.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Reed began his career as part of his “delusional” group Rawk Dawg. It was this Motley Crue esque band that set Reed on his current career path, and in a way, a path to revitalizing rock music. Although Rawk Dawg only existed for a few years, it was during this time that Reed made the vital connections needed to further his own career. Since leaving Rawk Dawg, Reed has amassed more than 15,000 fans or “likes” on Facebook with his seamless transition between rock and pop music. Appealing to fans of Pink and Bruno Mars as well as classic rock enthusiasts, Reed’s soulful vocal stylings and upbeat, edgy instrumentals, and relatable content creates an artistic dichotomy that speaks to an eclectic audience.

Recorded in Music Room Studios in Redondo Beach, California, his latest album “Third Time’s a Charm” is a culmination of all of Reed’s influences and experience as a performing musician. Responsible for every lyric, vocal, and instrument on the album, Reed’s one-man-band, which he calls the Johnny Reed Show, may be a striking departure from his hard rock days of Rawk Dawg. Still, this new project offers an edgy, soulful, and undeniably entertaining element to his music.

Available on iTunes, CD Baby, and his official site,, “Third Time’s a Charm” is a striking album with jangling guitars, heartfelt vocals, and an overall feeling of positivity that will elevate listeners to a peaceful state of mind. To join Reed on facebook, check out the Johnny Reed Facebook page, or follow Jonny Reed on Twitter @johnnyreedshow.


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