We all know that we have rights such as life, liberty, property, and it's clear what they mean and what significance they have. But how many people know that the constitution gives them the right to an ecologically balanced healthy environment? And why do we need so much for such a right to exist and to be granted? Well, even if it is not obvious, our life, our health and on the long term even our welfare and especially the welfare of our descendants depend on this right. In addition to the right of being informed, you also have the right to be educated in the spirit of respect for our own environment’s hygiene, except that the environmental education is not only a right, it is also an obligation. A city, without being tidy and clean, cannot be a European city. Therefore specialised equipment performing municipal cleaning is very important. Their maintenance is also necessary, so Johnston sweeper parts and Schmidt sweeper parts suppliers are asked to provide all the necessary equipment.


Operations of spraying and cleaning the streets are prohibited usually only during the period when, according to meteorological forecasts, there may be icy roads. Also, workers take care not to affect pedestrians, vehicles, windows, street furniture, and billboards in the area covered by the spray machine that performs the operation. City streets are washed under the program established by the municipality even when it rains, because it is not prohibited by contract. On the contrary it is an advantage. Firstly, there is less water used, and secondly, rain helps to easily remove particles of dust and sand.


Street washing is done with Johnston or Schmidt equipment with high pressure water jet, while washing with the hose connected to the street hydrants or tankers not provided with the necessary facilities to carry out the prescribed pressure is prohibited. The washing operation is performed on both the roadway and pavements, but only after the gutter cleaning operation, prior to or concurrently with the sweeping. Gutter scraping is done once a month. The activity of washing the streets is done only after the gutters have been swept and cleaned and never before, so as not to gather heavy particles of dirt which can clog the drain. However, gutter cleaning is done whenever needed, not just before washing the streets. Johnston sweeper parts and Schmidt sweeper parts are sometimes needed in order for the machinery to function properly.


Along with the advent of cleaning machinery on the streets, city dwellers kiss good buy dust, gravel, leaves or other debris that can be found on the streets. Because besides natural debris, unfortunately there is also another type of rubbish - plastic bottles, packaging, paper, etc. Washing of streets is based on a schedule set by the mayor. We all need a clean environment for a healthy living!

No matter what pieces must be changed, be it new brushes or any other parts, providers of Johnston sweeper parts and Schmidt sweeper parts are always ready to come up with the best products.