Banks were long seen as being trustworthy and reliable, stable and diverse, but some people don't regard them in such a way anymore. Due to financial instability and how banks have increased fees and interest rates, people have focused on finding alternatives, questioning if all financial institutions are the same and where they can transfer their money, open an account or get a loan from. A credit union Vancouver WA has proved to be highly beneficial and offering a lot of positive aspects to members. Indeed, being a part of the Oregon credit union is necessary to access their services.


Some people might have misconceptions about the credit union Vancouver WA or not know much about such a financial institution. There is still the impression that an Oregon credit union is similar to an exclusive institution that allows members that work in a certain field or are part of a union. Nowadays, their requirements have become more flexible and there are great chances that you can join. Not to mention there are many reasons that convince people it makes sense choosing such an institution over any other.


Banks easily give the impression they are impersonal, cold and formal and many people complain that staff is not very friendly and discussing with someone openly is quite difficult. Some banks are unable to help people because they are big institutions and don't actually care for their needs or some representative are unable because they are pressured by managers and stockholders. Unlike them, the Oregon credit union is friendly and has a more welcoming ambiance, where members greet up and want to know what you need and how they can assist.


Because the credit union Vancouver WA is smaller, it allows it to stay connected with the community and respond better and faster to feedback. The main mission of the Oregon credit union is not to make money, but to gather members and address common needs. As a matter of fact, credit unions don't think they are institutions, but more financial cooperatives. In some cases, the main requirement for becoming a member is to live within that region. As for services, they are the same as banks, including getting loans, making investments, get credit cards and open savings accounts.


Finally, maybe the most important feature of them all, is that credit unions are non-profit and they are run by their members. This means there is no pressure coming from stockholders when it comes to taking decisions. Another characteristic that results from this aspect is that interest rates are lower and the returns on savings accounts are higher. All surplus money is passed to members, not as money in their account, but rather in the form of lower fees and high dividends regarding deposits. When you are fed up with waiting lines and unresponsive customer service, it is time to look somewhere else, as there are other financial institutions willing to assist and provide the services you need.


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