Staten Island, NY — The cost of utilities is a constant concern for New York homeowners making it necessary to find new ways to increase energy efficiency. Remodeling and state-of-the-art fixtures are ways to save money and improve the appearance of homes at the same time.

According to the, New York property owners can expect to pay more for heating during the wintertime. In 2013, prices will be sharply higher given the demands of industry and the rising population in the United States. In order to keep homes well-heated, it is up to homeowners to make adjustments to their properties.

Though there are minor improvements property owners can make to homes, remodeling often-times presents the most effective alternative. makes recommendations for saving on energy costs including: close fireplace dampers, clean air vents, shut off kitchen fans and insulate pipes. For renovations and remodels, it is important to select a contractor with the right experience that understands the concept of energy efficiency.

Whether clients need assistance with roofing, outdoor exteriors or vinyl siding, JOSEPH ASHLEY ACJ Remodeling Inc. is there to provide assistance. Home renovation or remodel projects come with the opportunity to increase energy efficiency and reduce monthly costs. For a list of services and features, please visit the following website:

For further information on energy efficiency and the services offered by JOSEPH ASHLEY ACJ Remodeling Inc., please phone toll-free (866) 948-0201. With the right fixtures and features homeowners can save on their utility bills. Find out more about the savings by calling today.

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