Shanghai, China; 14, October 2015: Shanghai Josephine Washing Company extends mobile and internet technologies in the laundry and dry cleaning business to create an innovative platform that can promote a sustainable growth of the industry. Besides, it brings quality laundry services for customers.

Josephine laundry

Josephine laundry specializes in the design, development and marketing of the laundry chain that uses the advanced technology and a unique business model. The spokesperson of the company maintains that they have the deep understanding of the laundry business and are well aware of the challenges that the traditional laundries often face today. They endeavor to bring high value customers to a laundry and optimize their profit in a speedy manner.

The spokesperson reveals that Josephine dry cleaning relies on a unique integrated marketing concept (IMC) that quickly helps to capture the market share for creating a successful and profitable franchise business. The marketing concept has been developed based on the detailed insight of the consumer’s mind and aims at providing them with a pleasant and satisfying laundry and dry cleaning experience, besides offering the best quality services. According to the spokesperson, people in the traditional laundry business can be part of this innovative laundry platform to achieve a sustainable business growth in a rapid manner.

The company invites laundry business owners, entrepreneurs and others to join this emerging business that creates high value for both business owners as well as end-customers. For anyone, the Josephine dry cleaning join means to achieve an unlimited market expansion and building a huge customer base for huge commercial benefits. Josephine Washing Company believes in following consistent standards and with consistent communication, they strive to build a long-term relationship with business owners as well as customers.

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About Shanghai Josephine Washing Co., LTD:

Josephine laundry brings China's most innovative laundry platform on the Internet using science and technology to create value. Josephine’s original O2O laundry is a new business model. Using mobile Internet technology, Josephine laundry creates high value customer consumption experience to maintain rapid growth of profit. Thus, beyond the traditions of peripheral small laundry business model, they create new markets through unlimited market scale expansion and locking customers through strong relations. The objective is to overcome the challenges of the traditional laundry business and achieve sustained huge commercial return.

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