Jotun introduces ‘Jotashield Extreme’; a revolutionary product that can keep your interiors cool & save on costly utility bills


~ Highly durable exterior product for harsh climate variations in India ~

~ 2X heat reflection colour range reflects twice the amount of heat from building exteriors ~


Jotun Paints, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of paints and coatings, has announced the launch of its latest exterior product range “Jotashield Extreme”. Jotashield Extreme is a premium exterior product that has been formulated using cutting-edge technology to deliver durability, colour protection and significantly enhance heat reflection.


Commenting on the launch of Jotashied Extreme, Mr. Percy Jijina, Sales Director — Decorative of Jotun India Pvt Ltd said, “Jotashield extreme provides excellent indoor thermal comfort for lower cooling costs, consumes less energy and reduces the urban heat island effect considerably. Under normal conditions to achieve 2X heat reflectivity a structure needs to be painted completely white, which makes it appear very cliché. Jotun has introduced an innovative product range to achieve 2X heat reflectivity through the application of various colours. The product is an innovative thermal barrier coating that decrease the heat and thus significantly reducing the maintenance costs of utility and electricity bills. In addition Jotashield Extreme is highly durable against the harsh climate variations in India, and lasts much longer than regular products.”


Mr Jijina further added, “The application of energy saving coatings to the exteriors of building structures is an excellent initiative for saving energy and reducing utility bills. Though this is a relatively new concept in India, the demand for such high quality products has witnessed a spurt in demand from various residential and commercial set ups in the recent past. The introduction of such energy efficient coating products will contribute significantly to India’s efforts towards sustainable development.”


A house or building has a tendency to store excess heat throughout the day, which becomes trapped in various parts of the structure.  Hence, the need to bring those areas to a more acceptable temperature requires customers to spend on various cooling solutions. Jotashield extreme’s unique 100% acrylic formula is delivered with unparalleled resistance to cracking, flaking and chalking. Jotashield extreme is not only water resistant but also extra durable. In addition, it is formulated in manner in which it can prevent concrete corrosion by preventing the reaction of various elements in the atmosphere.


The key feature of Jotashield Extreme is that it addresses environmental issues such as rising energy costs, global warming and effective heat management. It’s a non hazardous product and 100% lead, mercury, chromium and cadmium free. Also to complement the above features, there is a wide variety of colours to choose from that provide outstanding durability.


Jotun Paints had earlier announced the launch of its premium interior paint range ‘Lady Effects’ in India.


About Jotun Paints

Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun is one of the world's leading paint manufacturers. The group consists of 67 companies and 40 production facilities around the world and is looking at strengthening its presence in India. Outside Europe Jotun has a very strong hold in Middle-East & Asia Pacific. Jotun India Pvt. Ltd. set a shop in India in the year 2005, with an intention of providing a single source solution for all paints and coatings. Jotun’s manufacturing plant in Pune has been set up at an investment of US $ 25 million and will have a capacity to produce up to 50 million liters in wet paint and 10,000 metric tones of powder coatings. Jotun's diverse product range worldwide includes decorative, protective, powder, marine, floor/concrete protection and intumescent coatings, bearing a solid testament to the company's reputation of being truly a single source solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike.


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