Jotun launches Fenomastic Hygiene, a superior product which ensures hygiene, long-lasting colours and excellent durability

~ Helps fight 22 different kinds of bacteria and fungi ~

~ Offers high crack tolerance, anti-flame spread and a smooth finish ~


Jotun Paints, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of paints and coatings, has announced the launch of its latest product range, Fenomastic Hygiene. Fenomastic Hygiene is a premium interior product that has been formulated using cutting-edge technology to deliver long lasting colours, protection against 22 different kinds of fungi and bacteria and significantly add to the hygiene factor.

Commenting on the launch of Fenomastic Hygiene, Mr. Percy Jijina, Sales Director — Decorative, Jotun India Pvt Ltd, said, “Fenomastic Hygiene is yet another innovation by Jotun India Pvt Ltd. With sanitation a concern for many, Fenomastic Hygiene helps to achieve the same in a unique manner by keeping the walls germ free along with being environment friendly. Fenomastic Hygiene also has high crack tolerance, good anti-flame spread and is available in a variety of colours.”

Outbreaks of illnesses due to harmful bacteria and fungi such as E.coli, Listeria sp., and the so called super bugs are constantly in news. In order to protect oneself from such illnesses, one ensures every possible preventive measure to maintain healthy and hygienic surroundings. Fenomastic Hygiene is one such effort towards promoting healthy living in a germ-free environment. 

Mr. Jijina further added, “Fenomastic Hygiene not only helps maintain the hygiene factor in the interiors but also helps maintain the environmental equilibrium by being very low on VOC. Fenomastic Hygiene is extremely useful in houses that have infants, children and senior citizens. It also serves as an important component in hospitals where health is a primary concern. Jotun has developed this product after rigorous research and a thorough analysis of the Indian market.”

Fenomastic Hygiene can be used in places where hygiene is of utmost importance such as kitchens, hospitals, schools, changing rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Fenomastic Hygiene is extremely useful in tropical countries like India, owing to the hot and humid climatic conditions. It should be used on the interior wall surfaces which become damp due to the heat causing fungi and bacteria.

Fenomastic Hygiene is a superior quality product that addresses issues pertaining to hygiene and cleanliness, being non-hazardous and 100% lead, mercury, chromium and cadmium free. Also to compliment the above features, there is a wide variety of colours to choose from that provide outstanding durability and is available in 4ltr jars too.

About Jotun Paints

Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun is one of the world's leading paint manufacturers. The group consists of 67 companies and 40 production facilities around the world and is looking at strengthening its presence in India. Outside Europe Jotun has a very strong hold in Middle-East & Asia Pacific. Jotun India Pvt. Ltd. set a shop in India in the year 2005, with an intention of providing a single source solution for all paints and coatings. Jotun’s manufacturing plant in Pune has been set up at an investment of US $ 25 million and will have a capacity to produce up to 50 million liters in wet paint and 10,000 metric tons of powder coatings. Jotun's diverse product range worldwide includes decorative, protective, powder, marine, floor/concrete protection and intumescent coatings, bearing a solid testament to the company's reputation of being truly a single source solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike.


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