7 October 2015 - Ireland]] — YoBrain.comthe online and mobile brain training startup that makes it easy and accessible for those reporting on the world at large,including journalists, bloggers and writers to learn how to become more creative, today announced their Indiegogo campaign has launched with a target goal of $12,000

YoBrain.comare revolutionizing the way writers, originate their work, connect and learn creatively. It is a sad yet well knownfact that the Western academically based Education systems producemany students with as much vision as a fried banana in a rainstorm.  This is due to the fact that the systems were developed based on creating a workforce, as opposed to independent thinkers and creative visionaries — absolutely necessary qualities for successful writers.

As the world evolves the need for more creative thought processes and independent visionaries is becoming an essential requirement for those seeking success in the many writing, journalistic and reporting professions.

At YoBrain.com the conclusion from our 50 years of research on how the brain learns shows that creativity is enhanced by theMIND receiving ORIGINAL IDEAS EMBEDDED WITH PASSION.

This explains why accelerated human learning and creative impulses are developed in the early years of life, when young children perceive everything as new and exciting; hence the amazing ability of children and young people to learn new concepts and skills and produce great feats of creativity with ease.

Following ten years of dedicated research into the brain, learning and creativity, YoBrain.com have created the revolutionary program ” Achieve your dream project”

This is the first Internet platform designed specifically to enhance the creativity of Journalists and writers whilesimultaneously reportingon the progress of the platform.

The entire process starts with the writers and journalists reporting on the launch of the YoBrain.com crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo(https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/achieve-your-dream-project).

The YoBrain.com platform allows users to access researched resources, that save them time and money and allow them to develop their creative strategies and methods of deliveringtheir writing at the same time.

The YoBrain.com platform is the brainchild of 80 year old founder Roma Nai. When asked about the project and why now, Roma said, “The whole project is the result of my  50 years experience of teaching creativity and many years research and testing of various internet platforms such as; www.voroo.com, www.testrat.com and www.testmyidea.com, the latter of which is still available online.”

The YoBrain.com platform is still in prototype stage, hence the need for a crowdfunding campaign to develop the technology and also encourage collaboration form brain research centers, writers, journalists and others who have the vision and insight to understand the significance of the ongoing study of genius and creativity for writers.

When asked about influences for the idea of YoBrain.com Roma said, “ here at YoBrain.com we believe Ideas beget ideas…Einstein, for example, worked for some years in a patent office; hence his comment - Imagination is greater than knowledge — so contrary to those who believe there are no more new ideas, we believe just as Einstein did, that one can still have original ideas, and here at YoBrain.com in fact, we collect them. ”

The benefits of using YoBrain.com are many including: enhancing creative thinking, achieving great exposure for written content and posts and access to the related contact lists and networks of others subscribed to the platform, everything that a modern day journalist, blogger or writer needs to develop or enhance their careers.

To support the campaign and find out more about how YoBrain.com are revolutionizing the online reporting world check out the Indiegogo campaign.

For further information or a full interview please contact:

Roma NaiUK ( [email protected] ) or ( [email protected] )

Tel: (44) 01482 (1470 private ) 860309

Indiegogo: https://life.indiegogo.com/projects/achieve-your-dream-project/