New York City, New York; 26 June, 2014: Jorge Pervez also known as JP has launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money for his film on Drunk Driving, the project extremely close to his heart started on May 26th of this year. He is planning to raise $85,000 to complete the film.

The film’s screenplay revolves around a happy American family who loses the father and the daughter when they are hit by a drunk driver. The second daughter who is an athlete is also paralyzed from the waist down from this horrific accident. A story that many Americans can connect to, it shows the dark underbelly of American society fueled by drunk driving. The film “Every 15 minutes” will try to capture the pain and agony a family goes through when such an incident changes lives of many.

In US alone every 15 minutes someone is injured or killed by a drunk driver. Last year alone 10,322 people died in drunken driving crashes. The problem has increased multiple folds in the past decade and needs to be address before it’s too late.

“Our initial goal of $85,000 is the base we need to begin development on the film and move towards getting it produced in Hollywood. However, any funds raised past our goal, will be used for funding these special events we will host around the world. The more funds raised the more lives we will touch and impact on a global scale. Please contribute to help make this happen!” .Says JP.

Please see the video to know more, click here

The project has created quite a buzz among people and many people have come forward with generous donations. If you want to be a part of this project and help change lives please click here to know more.

The campaign aspires to achieve the following

* Raise Funds — It is indispensable to address the issue of Drunk Driving, therefore, from general public, organization and whosoever is concerned with the issue.

* Hire Professionals – Hire a Hollywood Screenwriter, purchase the Rights, pay to Copyright the script, reach out to A-List actors to get involved with the project, and work with a major Hollywood production studio (Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, etc.) to make the film happen, and pay for worldwide film distribution.

* Create a Milestone – A film that becomes a hit and results in bringing awareness in the society related to Drunk Driving epidemic

For Media Contact:
Name: Jorge Perez
Email ID: [email protected]