The wait for easy and quick JavaScript editing seems to be finally over for all with the arrival of the new and chic JS Editor. The application is free to be used forever and is made up of functions and features that are as straightforward to look at as commendable.

The primary focus of the JS Editor , as evident, is to enable error-free and express-speed JS editing. The application gains most of its strength and easiness from the interface that is simple in design and structure. Quick download and start-up gives it an extra edge. There is additional support integrated herein for HTML on top of JavaScript and the software requires any version of Windows OS to get installed for execution.

Other noteworthy features constitute existence of numerous variations to edit events and properties; presence of formatter for customizing animations or special effects on specific websites; assimilation of a very helpful tutorial for extra assistance, and not to mention the existence of several controlled as well as non-controlled scripts for wide-ranging usage. Being a small tool with lightweight structure, the program further does not impinge on a great deal of the system resources at any point.

A representative from the developer’s office says, “The application does not contain much of bells and whistles but is surely a helpful pick to get a grip on JS editing like never before”.

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About JS Editor

The JS Editor, is a simple but effective tool to edit JavaScript with error-free end results. The JS Editor is packed with a formatter that is equipped to customize animations or special effects on particular websites.

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