When browser based editors are not the option for perfect website designing, the free and fantastic JSON Editor Software is perhaps the answer. The utility exhibits all content in a chart form with tree view and allows web developers to edit, revise, parse and save the amendments in quick and simple steps. No charges are incurred for downloading the same and once installed the program can be used for free, forever.

As with most applications that are genuinely formulated for helping users achieve good end results, the JSON Editor too is invested with a simple and highly navigable interface. The small sized tool does not impinge on excessive disk space and is a delight to be used for opening, editing and formatting JSON, which is so crucial to designing websites. There are several functions like syntax-highlighting, validation and text-highlighting by means of colors included herein and all of these can be achieved easily with just a few, simple clicks. Similarly - thanks to the view design of the app - in case of presence of duplicate fields, they can be identified and eliminated from the JSON right away hereby, if need be.

With this smart and apposite JSON Editor, one can further search and restore content in the tree-view besides changing value types. The ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ functions are built to put users at ease by enabling them to make changes for correcting errors without worry.

Says a developer from the manufacture’s office, “This is one of the real, few intelligent JSON Editors you would find in the market. It’s been kept free to help users use it avidly and passionately as and when intended.”

For more information on the JSON editing tool click on http://download.cnet.com/Free-JSON-Editor/3000-2026_4-76170769.html

About JSON Editor

The JSON Editor, http://download.cnet.com/Free-JSON-Editor/3000-2026_4-76170769.html is an excellent application to view, edit plus format JSON easily and effortlessly. The JSON Editor works through a simple interface and is suitable to be used for website designing.

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