One can upload their design on the website to get it printed on a chosen fabric. While one will get personalized and custom fabric printing from the website, he/she also stands the chance of receiving financial rewards, if someone else chooses the design for his/her fabric printing. The owner of the design will receive a reward of 10% of the order placed by a customer.

Announcing about this Designer Financial Reward Program, the spokesperson reveals that it encourages creativity and people are also earning for their innovative designs. “There are several designers who are earning through our reward program. One can see the names of the designers and their earnings on our website.”

The program has been designed uniquely and it is helping them to gain popularity among the people who need personalized fabric printing to create different types of cloths and products. One can use custom printed fabrics for creating table cloths, curtains, pillows, bags and other items. While people with great designing sense can get personalized fabrics, they can now an opportunity of earning monetary rewards too.

The spokesperson maintains that besides the financial reward program, one can complete the registration process on the website to receive $5 for free. Moreover, they offer custom fabric printing services at affordable prices, and thus customers can enjoy the dual benefits. has a number of natural and low-carbon fabrics and also numerous exotic designs for people to choose from. Thus, people who don’t have time to create own designs can choose from a range of designs available on the website. And when they choose an existing design, the owner of the design earns a 10% reward.

The online fabric printing shop invites people to take advantage of their reward program and use their creativity and sense of designing. People will be able to get personalized fabric designs in just three simple steps and by paying reasonable costs. Anyone can take benefit of their services and can also be part of their Designer Financial Reward Program by visiting their website

About is a digital textile print company that offers a custom fabric printing service. They have many years of industry experience, and today they have emerged as a powerful internet company with the development of internet technologies. They are now a popular online platform to offer online custom fabric printing services.