(Free Press Release) Portsmouth NH, January 19, 2011 - Jungle Torch (http://www.jungletorch.com), an SEO and social media platform has focused it efforts on providing any company with a website a comprehensive view of their SEO efforts. By combining and offering important pieces of information such as an up to date SEO report, and inbound marketing tools Jungle Torch allows users to not only stay current on their SEO, but continually improve it.

Jungle Torch's SEO report dashboard was created to provide marketing and sales users with an easy to use and clean dashboard view of their SEO. With an SEO report from Jungle Torch users are given individualized metrics that will help them better understand their web ranking. Knowing an up to date ranking allows users to make decisions on what's important to focus on for SEO, and than monitor these decisions using the SEO report feature.

The keyword ranking tool allows users to login at anytime and see where they are ranking for particular keywords, while comparing these rankings to three competitors of their choice. The keyword ranking tool shows actual search volume for each keyword along with the keyword rankings. For many companies search volume is an important piece of information that will help in the decision making process of choosing the best keywords to focus their SEO efforts on. After all no one wants to focus on a keyword no one is searching for.

With Jungle Torch's SEO Report and keyword ranking tools users are given the opportunity to identify the most relevant and highly searched terms to focus their SEO efforts on. Monitoring these efforts is as simple as logging into the SEO report dashboard and viewing up to date SEO Metrics.

About Jungle Torch

Jungle Torch is an advanced SEO report and social media tool that gives unprecedented insight into a company's SEO and Social media. Purpose-built by some of the pioneers of online search engine technology, Jungle Torch consolidates diverse online marketing analytics into a powerful SEO report platform. Using a best-in-class sentiment engine, Jungle Torch provides an easy-to-understand, single view into Twitter, Facebook, weblogs and news sources with targeted identification of postings relevant to the user's organization, as well as a complete sentiment analysis that determines whether online comments are trending positively, negatively or neutral. In addition to tracking social media, Jungle Torch also gives users keyword ranking tools, which provides the ability to measure the success of SEO report programs by offering an SEO report that includes the rank of a user‘s Website based on hundreds of keywords and phrases, Jungle Torch issues a comprehensive SEO report on the SEO friendliness of a Website, inbound and outbound linking, keyword ranking tools, and 15 other critical SEO metrics. It also measures competitive SEO, inbound and outbound linking. Jungle Torch is based in Portsmouth, N.H. For more information, please visit us on the Web at http://www.jungletorch.com.