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Indore : One of the common habits of all news paper lovers is that they  after leaving the beds,  with a cup of tea in one hand  and their  favourite new paper in another hand,  like to  go through what is going on around the world.While Some  like to go through all pages of news paper, another  like to read news on subjects of their choice only. But for a businessman, news related to his business is important. At the same time he will   like to know about his competitors also who are affecting his business . Normally today’s newspapers bear 30+ pages, and it is sure, the time shcedule of a businessman will not  allow him to go through all pages of a paper.   This is applicable to one paper only, but In Indore city only, where more than 25 publications are available, it is not possible for him  to go through  all news papers.However, if he without assessing the cost on purchase of all papers, and other expenses,   likes to  go through all  news papers of city or  entrust the task  to some one else, can he imagine what will be costing?


We are showing the probable costing:

Cost of 25 Indore news papers @ Rs.2 per day for 30 days         

Rs. 1500.00


Mininum time required to go through all 25news papers even for news relating to you and your competitors- four hours. Honorarium 

Rs. 2500.00


Cost of electricity if news read on internets or scanned 

Rs.  500.oo.





It is quite clear that monitoring the news by an individual if done as above, the same is not only time consuming but costly also. However if the job is entrusted to a competent monitoring company, the willing person/company may get rid off going through the hectic practice and can save money also.


Justtrack the leading monitoring and research company of country is competent in reducing problems of their clients by providing perfect monitoring services within fixed time. The company arranged the system to transmit news relating to their clients and competitors much  before  the time they open their computers   to know about what they like.Justrack belives in developing relation with existing and new clients.

If you want quickest and time puncual monitoring service, Justtrack offers you to comply with your requirements even @Rs.1000/- per month.


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Strong network in 11 states and 33 prime centers of country

24 hours working

Sending mails to clients early in the morning daily

Prestigeous client portfolio

Sound position in Hindi regions of country



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