Free weights are designed to build muscle and are used in weight training. Generally, they come in pairs, but they can be used individually, too, depending on the area of your body that you want to work out.


The most popular free weights used in gyms today are kettlebells or kahvakuulat and dumbbells or käsipainot. The first category of weights is represented by some round cast-iron weights, similar to cannonballs, that are attached to a handle for an easy grip. The second category resembles barbells, only that dumbbells are much smaller.


Kettlebells are good not only for building muscle in the area of your arms, but also for strengthening your shoulders, legs and back. The workout session, in their case, refers to several minutes. During this session, you are required to swing in order to exercise a number of muscle groups.


Dumbbells, on the other hand, are generally designed to help your arms get more strength. Dumbbells are rarely used to build muscle in other areas of the body. Just like kettlebells, they can be made of cast iron, although some modern varieties refer to plastic dumbbells that can be filled with water.


Using kettlebells or kahvakuulat and dumbbells or käsipainot is very easy and you do not need a personal trainer for this. Just make sure you practice some other exercises before starting to use kettlebells or dumbbells, because your body needs to be already warmed up.


Determine what muscle you want to exercise and start by using gradual kettlebells and dumbbells. Maintain sessions short and take frequent breaks. And do not forget about drinking water, since these exercises could dehydrate you a lot. The best muscle building exercises take place in the morning.


Kettlebells can be used to work out the entire body. To be certain you exercise your legs, shoulders and back, too, while holding the kettlebells in your hands, flex your knees or simply bend to the left or to the right. This would allow you to exercise a higher number of muscles and increase the difficulty of using these free weights.


Another type of exercise that can be done to build muscle is to use only one kettlebell and transfer it from one hand to the other. If you cannot hold the kettlebell with one hand, try a lighter one, or hold it with both hands and swing it from left to right or vice versa, or up and down.


Kettlebells, dumbbells and other free weights can be found in public gyms, schools, recovery centers, private homes or any other locations where people are interested in maintaining their good shape, losing weight, or building muscle.

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