When it comes to being the heart of America, two cities, both having the same name, share the title even though they are located miles apart. The name of those cities? Kansas City; one is located in Missouri while the other one is in Kansas. These two cities were awarded the said title since both are considered to be population centers of the US. This is aside from the fact that both cities is at the geographical center of the contiguous state. Of these two however, it is the Kansas City in Missouri that is considered to be the City of Fountains.

Kansas City, MO is considered to be the largest city in the state. It was founded in 1838 and was incorporated a few years after. While the city is more popular for its unique jazz style of music, it actually houses a number of other must-see things and places.

A visit to Kansas City, MO would not be complete without going to such places as the Westport, Power and Light District, the Science City at the Union Station, the Kansas City Zoo, the Kemper Arena, the Hidden Valley Park, and the Airline History Museum, to name a few. While you’re at it, it is also recommended to sample the different cuisine that KC has to offer, especially their steak as well as barbecue.

Of course, in order to make sure that you enjoy all of these, you would need to stay at KC for a couple of weeks. If you are at a loss on where to cool your heels at the end of the day, you can always try any of the Kansas City MO hotels in the area. One of these hotels in Downtown Kansas City that you might want to consider is the Quality Inn & Suites Worlds of Fun South Kansas City.

Guests to the said hotel can take advantage of such amenities as Braille coded exits for those who are visually impaired, access to the fitness center, and access to computer with Internet connection, access to the copy as well as the fax machine, and use of the meeting room.

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