March 27, 2014: With their improved and advanced line of machinery and equipment, Kared Industrial Development Company enjoys a clientele across the world. The company keeps adding new machines that can enhance the productivity and help improve the quality of the output at the same time. With an aim to provide high-capacity machines for faster and more accurate production and processing needs, they have now added some new machines to their inventory.

The newly added machines include the Heat Melting Machine that is remarkable for its improved efficiency. The machine is drawing attention of the worldwide clients for faster and more accurate laminations. The machine is easy to operate and one can easily accomplish high quality and sophisticated bonding for a desired surface. The machine can provide a precise lamination to products ranging in the size between 14 and 65 inches, and thus one can use it for bonding a wide variety of products of different dimensions.

Speaking about their new machines, the spokesperson of the company reveals that these machines are the result of strong research and careful analysis of the requirements of the modern industries. According to him, the new ACF Laminator has been designed to meet the lamination needs of a wide variety of substances, which include LCD, glass panels, PCB and circuits and other products. The machine features automatic lamination process which ensures the best quality and highly durable lamination. The machine can be used for achieving both single and double ACF protective layering, and has wide applications in the modern industries.

Kared has also added an advanced FOG Heat Bonding Machine to their inventory that is ideal for achieving final bonding between pre-bonded panels and FPC. The machine is recognized for its faster processing and a greater degree of accuracy. The spokesperson maintains that all these new machines are available at affordable prices and they can ship machines across the world. He is confident that like all other Kared machines, these new machines will also be appreciated by the industries around the globe. One can learn more about their wide range of machineries and equipments by visiting the website

About Kared Industrial Development Co., Limited:

Kared Industrial Development Company is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of machines, which include farming machines, showing machines, harvesting machines, plant protection machines, transport machines, processing machinery and others. They supply their machines across the globe that can meet the requirements of the global clients. All machines are known for their improved efficiency and are available at affordable prices.

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